The Great Crow Hunt

Yep, today I went Crow Hunting. It is the dog equivalent of fly fishing, except you don’t get any salmon (unless the crow happens to be carrying one.) Come to think of it, you don’t tend to get any crow either, but that is just splitting furs!

The trick is to sneak up on them while hiding behind blades of grass and then run as fast as you can before they take off.

Admittedly, it hasn’t worked yet, but I am willing to give it a good try…

What does a pup do when it rains and rains and rains…

Westie fast asleep

Default dog pose

What does a young girl dog do when it just rains for weeks on end? I mean, I have places to be, friends to hang out with and smelly stuff to roll in!

But so far this spring has been soggy and I am really not very pleased about it.

Oh, I have been out – there was that terrifying visit to the allotment in the thunder storm, I have sloshed my way round the mill fields a couple of times and even tried to chase a wet ball up and down the green a few times – but, to be honest, with June starting what, tomorrow, I haven’t exactly been loving it all.

Its made everyone else miserable as well. The allotment has turned to glue (so you can imagine how well that has gone down), the bedding plants are limping around the patio refusing to sprout new leaves and the new chiminea has hardly seen the day from under its cover.

Well, today has been drier at least, but my Met Office app on my iPaw says more rain next week.

Oh, well – better get back to the dreaming then.

It’s Chucking Lightning at me!

It has been one bad day!

It rained last night and drizzled on me this morning, and just when I got myself all dried out, the Big Dog wants to go up to the allotment. Well, the sun was peeking out so I thought, okay, I will go along with this.

We played on the green for a bit; it has just been cut so is rather nice, if damp. That was good so then we headed up the hill to the allotments. That is when the sun vanished behind this really, really, really black cloud. Well, that ain’t right, I thought, so I was glad when we got to the shed and I settled on my carpeted shelf. The rain started drip-dripping soon after that and the Big Dog closed the door and lit the light and put the kettle on.

And then it happened. At first it was just this distant rumble, so I ignored it. But then it got a bit less distant. A real deep growl it was, so I growled back. Well you would, wouldn’t you? But that might have been a mistake and I think I must of upset it because then it suddenly flew into a barking rage – even the Big Dog jumped, and he is getting old and deaf (and probably a bit stupid too).

Then the rain came – loads of it and really hard. Bashing and clattering on the shed roof while the lightning flashed and the sky kept on barking. I wanted out of there and I rushed to the door and scratched. The Big Dog said I probably didn’t want to go out there, but unlocked it anyway. I rushed out and got soaked so I rushed back in again!

It was horrible. In the end, the big dog sat in his chair and I squeezed in behind him and peeked under his arm at the black sky and all the rain. I have to admit I was shaking – even my tail was quivering!

Then it went, and the rain stopped, and the rumble faded and the sun peeked out again. The Big Dog  locked everything up and we headed down the road; just made it home in time before the next wave of rain blew across the sky. But there was less barking this time.

I was frighted today – more frighted than I have been since a pup.

And I think the Big Dog was a little frighted too …

Spring is Springing

Puppy on a shelf

Puppy on a shelf

Or whatever spring does when you are not looking.

Its that time of year when I get dragged up to the allotment on a daily basis. Actually, I don’t always mind as long as I don’ get abandoned in the shed, though I do have my own place. I need to sort it out a bit this year I think. It does have a rug for me to sit on, but it is not padded or anything sensible, and it is lacking in toys, auto-feed snacks and so on.  It is also right next to the petrol can, so that has definitely got to go!

Well, it smells.

Checking the Grass

Checking the Grass

On the allotment front, the Big Dog has already done the major digging which is good because that bores me stupid. Plus he always gets achy and complainy about it, which bores me even more. Then he goes and makes a racket with that digging machine of his.

I do have my own duties, of course, which I take very seriously. Checking the length of the grass when the sun comes out is very important. It is not a big lawn, but it is all mine. I do this with my tummy which is very sensitive to such things like blade length and tickleness….

Dog on patrol

Dog on patrol

I am quite territorial about the allotment these days; I really think of it as a home extension (albeit one without some of the luxuries that a young pup rightfully expects) and I patrol it vigorously.  Okay, so I have yet to see any squirrels, but we do get some particularly aggressive snails and those huge orange slugs and some of the leaves can really sneak up on you.

And then there is the cat.

Oh yes, that little pesky furry-handbag-in-the-making has a soft spot for some of the allotment’s soft spots and particularly likes digging holes in freshly composted raised beds. And if the odd row of carrots gets dug up, well, that is just karma, right? Wrong, buddy, and if every I get off the end of this rope, I will give you a right old karma that you will never forget!

Sometimes you just got to tell them


Listen up dear!


Look, I may be small, but that does not mean I do not get my own way!

Now, first we go for a walk (and you WILL need some of those bag things) and I want to be able to paddle in the floods, so be prepared for mud on the carpet.

After that, I want my dinner warmed up to room temperature and see if you can get the Big Dog to rattle up some home made gravy, capiche?

Once that has been gobbled up, I want to loiter around the dinner table, so make sure you accidentally drop lots of scraps, and then I want to rub off the dried dirt on the throw over the sofa while I watch some telly.

After that? Oh, I will let you know!

See, easy, aint it?


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