What a mix of a day

It has been a funny day all told. First of all it has been wonderfully hot with lots of warm spots in the garden to choose from.

For some strange reason I was attracted to the raised beds that the next door’s cats have mangled (okay, I may have helped a little, but it was all in the cause of fighting off the cats!)

It was suprisingly comfortable, even the lump of wood and I let the sun warm my face.

Then the big dogs mother and sister came a visiting. I have to be careful not to trip the mother up as she is very old and wise and might turn me into a frog if I do!

I then got abandoned when they all went for dinner, but it was all made better later with the help of an ice lolly. Now that was really special! I was able to wrap my tongue right round it and squeeze out every last drop of cook orange!

So, right old mix, generally speaking.


Someone has stolen all my bedding

It has been madness today, and more than a little bit frightening.

It seems that the Dragon has a cousin and he has been invited around especially to scare me – done a pretty good job of it too! This other dragon is bigger than the one who lives by the fridge and he is really, really thirsty – my owner has been pouring water in it all day and it still wants more! Mind you, it would make a lot more sense if it stopped spitting it all over the floor and then sucking it up again – the manners of some people!

Somewhere in the middle of all this rumpus, I went to have a nervous moment in my nice comforting bed, only to discover that the bedding has been stolen. I mean, is this abuse or what?

Turns out that it has been put into the washing machine for some reason that I cannot work out. I am a clean puppy! Why would my bedding need washing?

All in all, I wish I had gone to the allotment with the big dog – it would have been so much better for my nerves!

Around the House with Pebbles – Part One

Today, it is bed making.

This is one of my more important duties, partly because I am responsible for the black paw-shaped marks all over the duvets – allegedly!

I have to admit I need a little help with some of it – I am not good at getting stuff out of high cupboards, and elastic corners completely confuse me – but I think I do a good job and the others in the house only have to help a little bit …

So, here is my pictorial tutorial, for all you other canine helpers out there.

I have something important to say

Actually, everything I say is important in one way or another, especially on this blog. It is one of the things about being a dog – either you are important or you are not. Me, I’m important!

And just to emphasise this important fact, I got into the office quickly this morning so I could sit on the important chair. I normally only get on there a bare second before the Big Dog does, if I do at all, and so get squished up the back and have to sort of peer round him. Today, my timing was a lot better and by the time he got upstairs with his coffee, I was sat comfortably and ready to give him his orders.

Much to my surprise, he simply sat down at his keyboard and started composing instead and completely ignored me. I did cough a couple of times, but he had his headphones on and was starting to make strange noises – I think it is called singing, but it is beyond me.

So, I gave up – far too much like hard work!

Where did that bath come from?

Emergency Post!

I just got bathed. I am back from agility training, absolutely shattered; I have run and jumped and weaved and hopped and gone left, gone right, gone underneath (okay, that was a mistake) gone up, gone down, gone round…. And then I chased, got chased, ran everywhere – it was wonderful.

So, I staggered home, wandered into the living room and some kind person took my collar off. It is at that point I should have run for it – big clue that. The other one was the big dog putting on one of his chef’s apron; let’s face it, he wasn’t about to knock me up a four course meal.

Well, he scrubbed me everywhere – I mean, EVERYWHERE! Even my ears. Mind you, the colour of the water was rather embarrassing. I think it was about two weeks worth of river and the agility training plus the raised bed in the garden that probably had something to do with it.

Well, I am now damp, itchy and  …. my ears! He scrubbed my ears!!

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