So, I got a Liebster Blog Award from Little Groucho!

As I mentioned earlier, Little Groucho has kindly given me a Liebster Blog Award – Liebster is a bit of German, the Big Dog has told me, meaning Favourite. So that really is rather nice! As part of getting this friendly little mention, I have to think about five other’s I want to pass it on to.

So, my paws are worn raw with pacing up and down – two main problems: 1) I have to choose between lots of lovely people and 2) I have to use my little, rather warm and sleepy brain! But eventually, I thought of a few:

So there you go – those are the pups that I have passed this award onto. Really, everyone I know deserves it, which is why my paws are worn to the quick, but I am only allowed five!

  • Stewey

    Hi Pebbles,
    Thank you so much for the award! This is the second time, so I am truly honored!
    I will be mentioning it on my blog this Thursday!
    Thanks again!

  • Gemma

    Hi Pebbles. Thank you so much for the award! Should I continue it by choosing 5 fabulous blogs too? x

  • Pebbles the Puppy

    That is what I have been told, Gemma!